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Learn my "story."

It was the 1st day of my dream job. I felt that I had finally made it! After spending the majority of my adult life in a revolving door of jobs, I had expected the doors to open, doves to come flying out and a choir of angles to sinnngggg.  Of course, that didn’t happen. The first couple of months were amazing! But in less than 1 year’s time, I began to feel the darkness of my depression and anxiety begin to creep back in. I had landed my dream job, I had the big office, the fancy title, and the nice paycheck. It was the ‘one thing’ I thought I needed to make me happy, to fulfill me. 

Instead, I found myself dreading going to work, stressed, gaining weight, and to get really honest here… drinking more than I care to admit. I felt defeated. I was in a downward spiral and losing myself along the way. It was affecting my family. I was lashing out at my husband and losing my temper with my kids. The path I was going down was dark and I was struggling to see the light.

Then one evening as I was self medicating with a bottle of wine and FaceBook, I happened to scroll past a video and it stopped me in my tracks. I had been praying for a way out of my darkness. I was meant to see that video, something about it opened my eyes.

I had been spending my life searching for the ‘one thing that was going to make me happy, a new hobby, that new direct sales company, or that “dream job.” But, I learned there was no “ONE THING“ that was going to make me happy! I was the one responsible for my happiness! It comes from the inside. I could fix me!

I spent the next 3 years reading the books, I have spent thousands of dollars taking the classes, going to seminars, earning the certifications. AND I DID! I fixed me.

Today, I am no longer a victim to my depression.

Today, I am no longer self medicating with alcohol.

Today, I have the best relationship with my husband and my kids.

Today, I choose to be joyous and full of gratitude.

Today, I am no longer lost. I know I am. I know my purpose in life! 

And I am going to share what I learned, so I can help you get a jump start on your most abundant life! Cuz girl!!!! You are meant for more!!!

Preorder my book today!